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Minicomic Of The Month Club 2011

I love minicomics! I love reading them! I love making them! Due to their usually small size, and print run, minicomics are a great venue for creators to take risks without looking like an idiot. It is in that spirit of experimentation that I announce my Minicomic Of The Month Club 2011. Every month I will send out a new minicomic to subscribers in the mail. Throughout the year the minicomics will vary in physical form and story telling methods.

I am offering two different subscriptions:

12 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription*

*For the six-month subscription please indicate which months you would like to receive (they don't have to be consecutive).

Each subscription comes with a membership card.

If you sign up at a Comics show, or present your membership card to me at a show, I will give you a copy of the mysterious 13th MOTMC minicomic!

This service is based on Liz Baillie's Minicomic Of The Month Club in 2009. Liz put out some great minicomics through her service, but decided not to repeat it after that year. I thought it was a great idea, so I asked Liz if I could replicate her service. Really, thereีs nothing different between her service and mine, except the author.

In 2010 Pat Grant organized an Australian Minicomic Of The Month Club, featuring a different artist each month.